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Full Version: New forum version coming soon
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Hi all,

as some of you might know, phpbb has just released the 3rd version of its message board software.

I'm gonna update the forum to this new version in the next coming weeks. I'll try and update the tvb theme altogether too.
Yep! Good news, hopefully we will have less spam and more talk with the new record coming up...

Good luck for the upgrade! smilie
Yep, hope to see this new album released in the coming year.

I upgraded another forum really easily : hats off to phpbb conversion system ! 8)
I'm pretty confident for this one also. smilie
Neat 8)
The thing is I currently have problems with my host, and for that reason, I can't upgrade right now. :?
Hope it'll be solved soon.
Keep it spam free till then and you still get my vote Smile
I'll do my best indeed ! Smile
Ok, as you can see, the forum is now under phpBB V3.0.0. Many new features and a true spam free message board ! 8)

I'm currently working on a new version of its theme. Hope to change it in the coming week.
Sorry for the current default theme... smilie
Great move. Much props :o
Finally, the new theme is up. Hope you like it !
Looks nice and sweet. Thank you !
Good job!