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Full Version: J'sais pas si...
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.. vous l'aviez déjà mais au cas où voilà :

Troy Von Balthazar recorded live at Surf Art Festival.

Troy Von Balthazar
August 29, 2008
Surf Art Festival

Sony PCM-D50 (internal mics) > WAV > FLAC > > you > tu madre

00. Rainbow (?) (Not recorded!)
01. (Fading in!)
02. Dots and Hearts
03. Magnified
04. I Block the Sunlight out
05. Communicate
06. (TVB speaks!)
07. Very, Very Famous
08. Sweet Receiver
09. (TVB speaks again! And tunes his guitar!)
10. New Song
11. Diamond Brain
12. New Song
13. Dogs
14. Heroic Little Sisters / Encore Break
15. Cover Us
16. Real Strong Love

Total running time: 42 minutes and 59 seconds
ça me dit quelque chose... mais pas sûr.

Merci en tout cas.