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Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 30-11-2005

Quote:this morning as i lay sleeping i dreamed i held a bird in my arms. when i awoke i was mistaken and wiped myself clean of all that red. ill use your feathers to build you a little house to live in, if you ever begin to live again. ill even promise to be there next to you until you breath but for now i should go back to sleep. maybe ill dream about something less penetrating.

- sonograph - 13-12-2005

Quote:10-12 today im a tired little bear. im sitting here in the parisian forest looking half asleep. its been so much fun traveling through the countries playing music, the joy is more then i can express.Today is the last show and ill be free for a moment from everything that exists and everything that has existed. Ill just be a bear and sit by the water in my dreams and wait for the fish to jump into my hands.


- Florent - 17-01-2006

Quote: news= news= PARIS CAFE LA DANCE MARCH 30 ON SALE NOW!!!

and ill play in Canada in march and the usa too but now im writing song after song lost in the caves of the mind, the deep holes and the electricity. its beautiful in here. i need a flashlight, a pick ax, and two good men.

Quote:i have been traveling around the world in a hot air baloon for the last 25 days. my goal is to be the first man to cross the english channel in a baloon wearing only underpants. i have been surviving by eating pigeons that i catch by sqeeking like mad until they fly past, then i jump out from behind my underpants and suprise them. those dirty little fuckers even dont have a chance. i then cook them with BBQ sauce and a little salt. nothing like the great outdoors.

- GregDK - 19-01-2006

lol, I like that weird stuff smilie

- Guest - 20-01-2006

i'm always surprised to read his comments... :shock:

- kim - 20-01-2006

I like that too. I think it just tells us more about the character.
It's lovely nonsense!

- Florent - 04-02-2006

Quote:its been 4 days now. i am trapped on this crazy island. there is no food . i have amputated one of my legs to make a kebab. i would give all my money for some ketchup. there is no electricity here. i have no way to make a fire. and my hair looks funny.

Quote:today i watched the pacific ocean. belive it. i saw the waves break. waves break and nina simone. That water dark blue and bright sand on my legs. and out of the deep came a whale with giant diamond teeth.

- Florent - 10-03-2006

Quote:this was the day that made me sink down into the deep black core. i saw my future out there and i was alone in a forest, birds eating from my hands. who says we are too old to learn? there is nothing to prove, i am letting go. we bought a ticket and let the stairs take our steps for us. the legs are useless poles. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? yes you do, and i am in love with you.

- Florent - 17-03-2006

Quote:montreal is snowing and im here looking up. it is a beautiful town and i had so much fun playing with you. i want music to pour out of my eyes.

- Florent - 23-03-2006

Quote:now in paris and its blacker than black black. If i knew that what i make would be worthless in this world, i never would shown you. I would have kept the music to myself. All i wanted was to build something beautiful. The worst birthday of all time. i feel like Molly Ringwald in "16 Candles" (except without the red hair). I am so close to leaving for the forest and my little friends the squirrels. Maybe they will like the music.

- Florent - 27-03-2006

Quote:Its funny how 3 nights in Belgium can help a person feel better. its in the beer. the best by far, so yummy and cold. it healed my broken brain and for that i hail it. and the people are good too, but really i could hardly see anything.

- Florent - 13-04-2006

Quote:In paris i lost myself completely. I wasnt there. it was my ghost singing through me. In Spain I felt their eyes and i was lubricated! then the last 3 days with Dionysos, all those people so warm, so kind with their human hearts beating in wildly. All I ask is to be completely covered in music. All I want is to let go of this body and feel my ghost tearing out of me while i sing. Ive got the biggest balls of them all!

- Florent - 28-04-2006

Quote:damn im happy to play music, those last shows were so much fun i fell into the music everynight. fucking pure love. Listen to my radio show on there is music. its good to be alive and have sound dripping from my fingers.

- Florent - 13-05-2006

Quote:bruno, just concentrate on the music. forget the paris metro, forget the gray faces. forget the sewers and the trains and the blackness. just concentrate on the music. Close your eyes and concentrate. The drums, the voices, the sound of guitar and loops. If the rest is real, reject it. forget your sickness and dance. forget your weakness and dance. If you want to know what its like to feel alone in a swarm of millions just follow me around for a day. Come on it will be fun we could eat sandwiches together, and maybe even cookies too. Good boy bruno let go of the world!

- Florent - 25-05-2006

Quote:hi its troy, I'm your new friend.