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Re: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 31-05-2009

Quote: Sunday, May 31, 2009

BERLIN shows!

Hell friend,
just a note to tell you I'll be playing 2 shows in Berlin this next week.
I play on thursday at Lovelite <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
and Saturday at STUDIO Schaubuhne (at this one I will also read from my book 3GIRLS). It should be fun. hope to see you there if you are in Berlin!
your best friend in the whole world,
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Re: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 30-06-2009

Quote:Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TVB in Berlin

hello friends,
It's Troy here writing to tell you I'm going to play a really nice show in Berlin in a few days!
it's on july 3rd at Schokoladen. Come on down. It'll be super fun and sexy.
Ackerstr. 169
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Re: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 09-07-2009

Quote:Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dear best friend in the whole world,
I'm going to be doing a tour of the Czech Republic. All the crazy eastern towns. The old world!
I cant wait!

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RE: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 19-09-2009

Quote:Friday, September 18, 2009

blow your mind
Hello friends,
TVB will be playing shows across france in November and in Germany and Prague in December.
Come out and see the concert if you can.
It will be the last time he will be performing "the infamous crazy bunny dance".
Come and see it before its gone for good.
It will blow your mind off!!!
Troy[Image: 3932550198_215bd035a6.jpg]


RE: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Franck - 03-11-2009

Quote: mardi, novembre 03, 2009

TVB vinyl LP
hey friend,
I just released a TVB vinyl. buy one for your friend or your friends friend if you want to be their friend but your original friend might get angry that his friend got all the attention so you'd better buy one for your friend also so he can still hang out with his friend with no bad vibes on their friendship. but secretly you can wish that your friends friend gets the better one so that he will be closer to becoming your friend and your friend from now will fade into some friend you used to have but you dont really remember them being too cool anyway.
p.s. here is the link for the album (i almost forgot)

RE: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 23-11-2009

Quote:Sunday, November 22, 2009

TVB on twitter

Hello dearest friend,
Read Troy Von Balthazar live his bizarre and terribly sexy life on twitter at:
it will blow your mind and make you feel better about your life.
X0X0XX[Image: 4125378626_73557329df_m.jpg]

RE: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 24-11-2009

Quote:Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chokebore is ALIVE!!!

Chokebore is back for some very special select shows!
Check them (us) out if you have a chance. it wont kill you but it might permanently enhance your musical taste by the end of the first song! mmmm goes down smooth!!

17-févr-10 CHOKEBORE Usine - PTR Geneve
18-févr-10 CHOKEBORE Schüür Lucerne
19-févr-10 CHOKEBORE Super Mon Amour Festival @ Maroquinerie / Paris
20-févr-10 CHOKEBORE Botanique Bruxelles
Here is the link for Paris.
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RE: Troy's "blog" on / myspace - Florent - 28-12-2009

Quote: Friday, December 25, 2009

RUN santa RUN

I got a crazy mask and murderer gloves from Santa. Now I'm ready to party. If you see TVB out on the town
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