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Keep your ear to the ground - Xiu Pinou - 17-11-2005

Hey, I know this thread comes back on every new forum, but still...
What are you listening to, RIGHT NOW ?

(I love the idea of this thread, it's lovely to discover new artists)

Right now i'm listening to

[Image: B00069W4K4.08._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg]

Bright Eyes - Digital ash in a digital urn

Which I've finally managed to listen to as a whole. And to find it great. That's definetly not my favourite BE album but I love hte drums.

- simonb - 17-11-2005

Death Cab For Cutie baby !

- Xiu Pinou - 18-11-2005

oh simon you're from exsonvaldes ? I've heard about this band recently through

I like your music, guys, come back in toulouse ! Big Grin

- GregDK - 18-11-2005

I'm listening to the last 22 pistepirkko album drops and kicks and am mad about I missed the concert.

I'm starving for the new album of troy but it's still not available in germany and the postage from france sucks.

- simonb - 18-11-2005

Hey Xiu
Yes I sing in exsonvaldes. We played in Toulouse last year at the Fairfield.
Hopefully we'll come back when our new album is released.

- Florent - 18-11-2005

Listening to Let Us Garlands Bring by Early Day Miners.

Simon : Can you recommend a Death Cab for Cutie album ?

- simonb - 18-11-2005

Florent : I would recommend "Transatlantisiscm", their 2003 one. Great songs, great sound. Their brand new record "Plans" is really great too, a bit more mellow and produced (they're on Atlantic now Smile), but beautiful. Ben Gibbard is an incredible songwriter. You can also try their breakthrough-album from 2001 : "The Photo Album".

Of course you also need to listen to Ben Gibbard's side-project with Jimmy Tamborello (DnTel) : The Postal Service.

- Guest - 18-11-2005

I am really into the new Depeche Mode "playing the angel"
+ Deportivo debut album
& last but not least Exsonvaldes' new demos/songs

- kim - 18-11-2005

Exsonvaldes' new demos/ songs? How come? smilie only heard them live but they are very good. so simon, when is the next album released? (I know, it's THE question...)

As for what I am listening to right now, well... don't laugh Girls in Hawaii - Found in the ground

- Florent - 18-11-2005

Who are you, "Guest"? smilie

Simon, thanks for the recommendations. I've heard the Postal Service, it's pretty good... Speaking of which, check this out: (and the discussion at Temporary Residence forums) :shock: :lol:

- simonb - 18-11-2005

Yes Florent i've seen this. If it was a Chokebore gold record, i may have bought it.
But wait, there isn't any Chokebore gold record ! Smile

Guest is probably C...

Kim : soon. or not.

- Guest - 19-11-2005

ohhh exsonvaldes!!!! listen to this since 3 days... i really enjoy the song on your website, i want to buy the album when i'll have more money in my pocket!!!
so at this time i'm listening :
nine inch nails

- oli - 25-11-2005

finally listened to death cab for cutie... (transatlanticism) and i really enjoy it ! thank you !

- kim - 27-11-2005

So maybe I should do the same?

for the moment, am listening to 'Any downs at all', very nice, indeed.

- kim - 09-12-2005

I really love 'Hearts of palm' by Idaho, has anyone ever heard of this CD or simply the band?
It IS very nice.