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Chokebore in Marseille tonight - Stéphane - 25-10-2011

was so disapointing. First act was a sad joke. Annoying as hell. Of course Chokebore was great as always but the sound was a shame. Sometime one could hardly tell the songs. Shame on you Poste à Galène. You will never see me again !
Beside, I know most like to hear old songs but I would have liked to hear all the new stuff instead. In better accoustic condition of course.

RE: Chokebore in Maresille tonight - Florent - 26-10-2011

Very sorry to hear that... Haven't seen the Marseille setlist yet, but the Novosonic setlist posted by Franck counts 4 out of the 5 songs of the new EP... Plus 5 tracks from It's a Miracle if you'll include the Sections/She Flew Alone sequence... Was it so different and so bad in Marseille? Come on!

RE: Chokebore in Maresille tonight - Stéphane - 26-10-2011

I can't quite remember the exact setlist but I'd say 3 of the new songs got played which isn't bad after all. Problem is sound was so muddy/boxy one couldn't quite hear what's up. I was pissed. I'm no sound engineer but the mix seemed way too loud for such a small venue.

RE: Chokebore in Marseille tonight - Franck - 27-10-2011

Sorry about the sound, I know what it feels when it happens (rarely enough now, hopefully).

They play almost the same songs every evening, yesterday in Lyon, they cut the setlist a little 'cos they were very tired - had a problem with the van, sticked in Marseille for most of the day, arrived 1 hour before playing - but 3 songs from the new EP were played.