TVB FAll Tour 2008-2009
Bon je crois avoir compris qu'on verra jamais Troy à Marseille cette année (malgré une pétition très prometteuse) ni à Nice (mais là, c'est vrai que j'y ai jamais vraiment cru).

Reste donc à trouver une alternative. Alors que les dates de la tournée sont annoncées peu à peu sur myspace, j'ai grand besoin d'informations avant d'en arriver à des extrémités telles que réserver un séjour au bout du monde (l'Allemagne). Voici donc :

J'aimerais qu'une personne informée puisse poster ici une liste complète et à jour de toutes les dates de la tournée (un concert à Toulouse vient d'être ajouté sans tambours ni trompettes).

Aussi, dans cette liste, j'aimerais qu'on puisse préciser de façon certaine quels sont les concerts auxquels je ne courrais pas le risque d'entendre chanter l'artiste Berry.

D'avance merci,

- Stéphane
tu as juste à regarder les dates pour lesquelles elle joue et tu compares les 2 tournées . les dates qui ne sont pas en commun...bah tu ne risqueras pas de l'entendre
ce n'était pas bien compliqué quand même!
Merci mais si je peux me permettre : qu'est ce que tu ne comprends pas dans "J'aimerais qu'une personne informée puisse poster ici une liste complète et à jour de toutes les dates de la tournée" ?

Parce que je peux t'expliquer en PM en cas .. smilie

- Stéphane
L'information a parfois du mal à circuler, que ce soit dans le cerveau ou sur le net. smilie

Quoiqu'il en soit, si tu veux éviter Berry (ce que je peux comprendre), tu peux aussi t'en aller après la 1e partie...

Pour ce qui est des dates, je vais à la pêche.
Une première partie ça dure quoi, 4 ou 5 chansons ? Pas sûr que ça vaille le déplacement.

Par contre, si à Toulouse on a un show complet, je veux bien me taper les heures de train.

Alors oui merci, je compte sur toi ! Smile

- Stéphane
Pour l'avoir vu plusieurs fois faire des 1ère parties, il ne se contente pas de 4-5 morceaux. Le set est peut-être un peu plus court, mais ça reste raisonnable.
Mise à jour en cours, quoiqu'il en soit, tu peux aller à Valence au Mistral Palace où il est en tête d'affiche le 3 octobre.

Et il me semble que c'est une des dates géographiquement la plus proche de ta ville. smilie
Mise à jour des dates (ne nécessitant pas une newsletter)

Shows page updated (no newsletter this time)
Merci et oui, Valence c'est pas mal. Pas trop cher non plus. Je crois que ce sera Valence. Smile

Hmm, am I the only English-speaking person here? I hope not, as I'd like to communicate with you kind people (I can't speak hardly any French! And I currently live in France! Oh, the irony...).

Is anyone else going to the Surf Festival show on the 29th? I just bought my train ticket and hotel room, so I will be there with bells on (I have a sweater with bells on it and I will be wearing this sweater to the show!). If anyone would like to meet up before or after the show, particularly any beautiful women who are attracted to awkward sexless Americans, get in touch, especially if you can help me find the venue! I fear I am going to get lost...

I'm also gonna try to hit up a bunch of TVB's other French shows for the next two about YOU? Already have my ticket for the Berry Paris show...I also have Florent's! Florent, you need to get your ticket from me!

Longtime reader, first-time poster,
Biarritz - I'll be there, I'll be looking for the bells !
Sorry, Clotaireb, but I did not wear the sweater with bells on it for it clashed with the shoes I was wearing that delightful night.

My review of TVB at the Surf Art Festival: I was told this was the first time TVB had played a show since November of last year and it was also the first time I’d had the privilege of watching the man at work despite being a fan for many, many years. I was not left disappointed by the experience of seeing TVB do his thing in person. I had heard that TVB was going to be playing acoustic (something about him playing a classical guitar?! Perhaps it was just a joke…), so imagine my delight when I got into the spacious room and saw him holding an electric guitar in front of an array of effects pedals. I was really psyched when he busted out his looping pedal! I’ve seen other artists overplay their hands with that thing (JON BRION), but TVB used it in such a subtle and delicate manner that the looping actually added something special to the songs and it didn’t come off like TVB was just showing off or doing some kind of lame shtick. Our man also employed a microcassette recorder, two microphones and some beats provided by a couple of Casio keyboards in his arsenal of aural accoutrements. TVB played a bunch of new songs as well as a smattering of songs from his recorded output and a lovely time was had by all.

Someone told me TVB had recorded a second solo record last year but couldn’t find a label to release it. Hearing something like that makes me want to throw a brick through a window. TVB is an international treasure! He should be bathing in hot tubs filled with champagne and semi-nude tweens, not struggling to find distribution for his music! If this world is willing to accept CD after CD of dreadfully boring tripe penned by talentless hacks with no original thoughts whatsoever like Jack White, then surely there is room for a couple TVB albums…consarnit.

Dots and Hearts
I Block the Sunlight out
Very, Very Famous
Sweet Receiver
New Song
Diamond Brain
New Song
Heroic Little Sisters
Cover Us
Real Strong Love

Next up: Spain!

EDIT: Spain got canceled!
sorry for the cold goodbye, you should have stayed a little longer.
nice you enjoyed it for his own true worth
good luck for the rest of it
Yeah, I definitely should've stayed longer, but I was afraid of missing my bus back to the hotel (the buses stopped running really early in that town!). Ah, well. Next time I will be more social!
En parlant de sociabilisation, quelqu'un sera à Valence vendredi ?

- Stéphane

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