Very Famous / Chinese release and tour
A previously unheard TVB song titled "Very Famous" from his upcoming 2nd LP can be streamed at

It looks like this album will be released in China through Wangba Records, with a Chinese tour scheduled in September '09...

I've emphasized the interesting info in the news text below:

Quote:>>>TROY VON BALTHAZAR | Chinese Tour | September 2009
[Image: pic01.jpg] Expanding on the slow, sad landscapes of CHOKEBORE's later works. TROY VON BALTHAZAR (Hawaïi/US) is certainly one of the most precious songwriter from the 90's.
In the beginning of his career he was the frontman of the hawaiian band CHOKEBORE. In 93 & 94 KURT COBAIN chose his band like warm-up band for severals dates in US. At this time, the leader of NIRVANA thought CHOKEBORE was one of the best band on stage. So, with KURT COBAIN like godfather, CHOKEBORE started to play all around the world ... and from 1993 to 2003 they recorded 6 albums:
- Motionless 1993
- Anything Near Water 1995
- A Taste For Bitters 1996
- Black Black 1998
- It's a miracle 2002
- A Part From Life 2003 (Compilation CD)
In 2005, he released his first solo album (a part of it was recorded 2 years before in the studio of his friend: ELLIOTT SMITH). From 2004, he performs himself on stage, more than 200 gigs in Europe and U.S and during his travels he wrote a book about women he met: "3 Girls" (2006). So now, his life is writing & music and in this mood he continues to multiply experiences with some songwriters as LEONARD COHEN to prepare his new album (2nd solo album) which will be available in China on June 09. CHINA TOUR CITIES: Beijing/Tianjin/Nanjing/Shanghai/Hangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Changsha/Chengdu/Xi 'An/Wuhan/Dalian
Source: Wangba Records

Here is the Chinese flyer:

[Image: flyerchinatvb2009.jpg]

Finally some great news, even though it's quite far away!
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