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Quote: Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Great news!!

Dear Friend,
I have good news to report. i have found a doctor that will replace my legs with little plastic ones (see photo). His name is Dr Jose Hernandez of the Guadeloupe tribe in Mexico.
His specialty is replacing normal healthy legs with funny looking gray lego legs. they sent me this photo of how happy i will be with my new legs...see, I'll be running through the forest laughing with the monkeys and squirrels.
I cant wait to get there. First we have to travel across 3 days of Mexican desert to get to his village. The brochure says that this region is very safe and does not contain villains or banditos that will kil, kill, kill, us.
I will bring with me $10,000 in cash strapped to my whitey tighties. I will also bring with me all the letters that you have sent me, so that I might be strong during the painful operation (which I am told will be outside under the hot Mexican sun).
They do all their operating the old fashioned way in this region. They just chop- away and use white glue to stick things together again.
...But I will feel nothing because I will be so high on Peyote that it will just feel like I'm flying through the beautiful sky upon little chicken birdie wings. Up, up, to the sun to talk to my friends the butterflies and the happy gum drop fairies.
They will bring me close to the sun and moon, where everything is pink with pleasure and when we get there we shall all dance and sing and be happy forever and ever and ever.
I am taking my airplane to Mexico tomorrow morning. wish me well!!
Bon Voyage!
your best and closest friend,
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