Hello everyone,

I was at Troy's gig au Nouveau casino (and it was just fantastic). I could not grab me a copy of the 3EP coz' there were not enough.... Arggggggghhhhhhh smilie

Has anyone a copy of the CD or a spare CD to sell? Please please please please please!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Also, Troy was talking of a possible Vinyl / CD edition in the coming months, I did not understand whether it was of 3Ep or a new album. Anyway, I can hardly wait!
hundreds of the 3ep will be order so very soon, so you can write him in a couple of weeks and see how you can have one.

The possible vinyl edition is for 3ep, a little bit of patience is required!
Thanks! I'll make sure to get one. Big Grin
Hi everyone.
I couldn't be at tvb's paris show then I can't have the 3ep (and I didn't have those too ...) and I'm wondering if someone have news about what out of said. I mail tvb but no answer (he have better to do) but if someone know where I can't ask for ...
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