"Son of Magnified"?
Hello, all, greetings from chilly, autumn-y Los Angeles. On Troy's MySpace page, there is a new photo (apparently of a new CD cover) titled "Son of Magnified". Is this a single? Remix? New track? If anyone can tell me, I'd certainly appreciate it.
bon sang, j'adore.
actually is there any link with the re-edition project ? or not.
wait and see.

great song.
Well, it appears to be a single... can't tell more, 'cos I don't know more, actually. :o
From the few things I've heard, it should be a single, and I guess it will probably also be included on the re-edition of the album. Don't know about any specific dates.
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Thank you kindly, people...
This title is now available on french iTunes : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.apple.com/fr/itunes/store">http://www.apple.com/fr/itunes/store</a><!-- m -->
le clip est sympatoche !
le coup de peter le ukulele craint un peu, mais sinon sympa =]
ca raffraichit ! :lol: comme les tekila paf

puis pour Itune...
j'ai pas d'argent mettre dedans...
j'attendrai ( peut-etre pas legitimement...)la sortie de l'EP ou de la ree-dition de l'album

* croise les doigts*
pareil que toi je préfère avoir un objet matériel entre les doigts !
ouais, ca pourrait être simpa davoir un single qui passe a la radio en profitant de la notoriété de matthias.

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