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Quote:look at this big blank page its vey nice but ill have to tell you a story now so you can sleep better tonight...

10-6 I was an easy baby. an only child. i am japanese and under 5 foot tall but i have one very long toe that i can stand on and it makes me closer to 6 foot. i have a jiant smile that covers most of my face so i look like some kind of screaming jackel. when i was a little girl my father took me out on his row boat into the river and thew me into the water in Fukuoka japan. He thought this would teach me how to swim but all it tought me is that i must kill humans each day to satisfy my lust for blood. On that day i found that the taste of a medium sized japanese man is exactly the same as a king sized chocolate bunny. From that day on i realized how delicous the japanese are. now each day i cant sleep with out eating a little yellow arm or leg, a little taste of the east. they are so gooey and delicious. i like to dip strawberrys in the sauce and freeze them for a light summer-time snack. or maybe add some tomatoes and onions for a nice pasta sauce, good for when the friends come over. all in all I've learned that all the people of the world are made from the same delicious ingredients. we are all one happy race. We are children of the planet who must learn to live hand in hand in equality. Let the grace of god hold us together in unity to the end of our eternal search for yummy oriental food-snacks.
{ It's like I swim in sound and the way it feels means everything for me }

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