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end december 2007 :
Quote:My dear friend,

I hope you had a better christmas than I did. I spent mine on the savage sea. we had been out for three days and nights collecting the nets we had laid for the giant Australian squid (hematolis maximus).

It was before dawn and still completely dark.

This day my job was to stand on the side of the boat and pull the nets close enough for the others to grab and haul everything in.

I was standing there looking into the murky water when all of a sudden I thought I saw what looked like a pair of giant cat eyes looking back at me from under the water. I bent my head closer to see what it was, and thats when i saw it...

What all men fear. the most notorious monster of the deep. The giant enlarged underwater sea kitten!!

Before I knew what was happening I was being lifted into the air by a giant furry kitty paw. It came out of the black water like a rocket. I could just see it's giant kitty teeth glimmering in my flashlight beam. The monster must have been watching me and waiting for me to get close enough to strike.

Before I could move It lifted me right off the side of the boat and into its cute (but naughty) mouth. The first thing I felt was my right leg being chewed off.

My flashlight fell into the sea and then the blackness closed in around us. I couldn't see a thing. I could only hear my mates running out onto the deck and screaming in horror.

I felt my leg being torn off and I thought that I was about to die. The Kitten lifted me high into the air to swallow me whole when all of a sudden I noticed the orange sliver of dawn just breaking the horizon. I heard the kitten roar and turn to see. (Everyone knows that like the vampire the giant enlarged underwater sea kitten can not be expose to the sunlight.) In horror the kitten let out a terrible roar (that sounded like a little kitty squeaking but REALLY LOUD). The next thing I knew I was falling. I hit the water hard, and could see him under me swimming downward back into the unexplored deep.

That's when i blacked out. I woke up here in Marseille General Hospital. The doctor has told me that I have lost my leg and some blood but should be ok.

I am just happy to be alive. I will be here for the next 3-5 weeks until I'm strong enough.

If you want to write to me I'lll be at:

Troy Von Balthazar
Room #227
Marseille General Hospital
13240, Marseille

thank you for all your support. I will be strong for you

love, troy

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