Troy Von Balthazar recorded live at Bootleg Theater.
Troy Von Balthazar
December 15, 2010
Bootleg Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Price of Admission: $8

Sony PCM-D50 (internal mics) > WAV > FLAC > > you > tu madre

01. Intro
02. Took Some $$
03. Santiago
04. It Purrs
05. Rainbow
06. Communicate
07. I Block the Sunlight out
08. About Being Hurt
09. Dogs (Abandoned)
10. The Tigers
11. Playground
12. Heroic Little Sisters
13. Wings

Total running time: 44 minutes and 51 seconds

Notes: Sound is excellent. You can see a clip of this show on my YouTube page:


With regards to the distribution of this recording, I only ask that you try real hard not to spread it around as MP3 files; otherwise, do what thou wilt.

Recorded by Joseph Larkin.
Thank you very much ! Smile

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