This page presents covers and remixes of Troy Von Balthazar songs made by fans.

If you want your covers/remixes to appear on this page, you can still send mp3s to [ tvb AT ]. Only mp3 / 192kbps max are allowed.

  1. TVB has fingers cover by My Sidekick's / NY-CO Emotronics - mp3 (4.2Mb)
    myspace My Sidekick's
  2. Real strong love cover by Dam Fortune / Sylvie Lacheray - mp3 (2.2Mb)
    myspace Dam Fortune - myspace Collectif Europe and Co
  3. Real strong love cover by Le Prince Miiaou - mp3 (2.9Mb)
  4. Rainbow cover by Le Prince Miiaou - mp3 (2.4Mb)
    myspace Le Prince Miiaou
  5. Playground soft.nerd remix - mp3 (6Mb)
  6. Catt soft.nerd remix - mp3 (5.2Mb)
    myspace Soft Nerd
  7. The Government Don't Own Us Yet A Thompson Remix of Heroic Little Sisters - mp3 (3.3Mb)
    myspace Thompson
  8. My Diamond Brain Exsonvaldes/Heyday remix - mp3 (5Mb)
    Exsonvaldes - myspace Heyday
  9. sweetheart Frigo remix - mp3 (5.5Mb)
    myspace Frigo
  10. I block the sunlight out cover by Rod - mp3 (5Mb)
    myspace Human gaps