Courage mon amour ! out on August 20th

The new TvB album Courage mon amour ! will be released on August 20th. You can pre-order it now on Vicious Circle shop: français / english.
It's available in CD (with booklet / poster), black vinyl, limited edition transparent red vinyl (for pre-order & indie stores). Free poster for each vinyl order.

Pre-order Courage mon amour !


  1. Black Black
  2. Mr. Cohen
  3. Snowflake
  4. Violent Summer
  5. You Owe Me
  6. Jacob
  7. Move Me
  8. What I Like (About Me)
  9. Le Monde Extérieur
  10. Until the Day
  11. Just Don't It
  12. Other People
  13. End Crazy

New video

Discover the first single What I like (About me) from the new album in video below. You can also stream it on your favorite digital platform.

A message from Troy


Bonjour mes amis,
Juste quelques mots pour vous dire que j'ai commencé à mixer de la musique pour des artistes et des groupes cette année. J'adore chaque minute et j'ai trouvé ma nouvelle passion.
Si vous aimez le "son du groupe Chokebore" ou le "son lo-fi de TvB", nous devrions parler.
Je peux ajouter des instruments, des idées et des mixages qui sonnent bien. Nous pouvons travailler ensemble pour rendre votre musique intéressante, intense et belle.
Si vous avez un projet qui a besoin d'un excellent mixage, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.


Hello my friends,
Just a few words to let you know that I began mixing music for artists and bands this year. I love every minute and found my new passion.
If you love that "Chokebore band sound" or the "TvB lo-fi sound" we should speak.
I can add instruments, ideas, and great sounding mixes. We can work together to make your music interesting, intense, and beautiful.
If you have a project that needs a great mix please feel free to contact me.


New video for "Rain Saves Lives"

You can discover the video for Rain Saves Lives (from It Ends Like Crazy) directed by Emma Kathan.

Chokebore's "A taste for bitters" remastered vinyl reissue

The 3rd Chokebore album will be reissued on vinyl on November 13th, 2020 on Vicious Circle Records! More info on the label's site.

Chokebore - A taste for bitters reissue
Chokebore - A taste for bitters reissue

Interview & review

You can read an interview about "Caution! Poison snake! No entry!" on Gaiar: in english and in french.
You can also check the short review about the book on Cédric Lépine blog.

New short story in a magazine

The short story "Joseph was at the top of the stairs" written by Troy is published in the magazine "Ou bien" available in bookshops of Angoulême and other selected places. More info:

Production for Koenraad by the sea, and new TvB album

TvB just mixed and produced the forthcoming Koenraad by the sea "Where is home?" EP to be released in November.
He's also mixing the new TvB album!


TvB sings on "Collector", the new Chapi-Chapo album to be released on December 4th on Music for the Masses / PIAS, also including Laetitia Shériff, Jad Fair, Emilie Quinquis, G.W. Sok on vocals…

TvB clip selected at the European Film Festival

The clip for the song "Lullaby for Psycho" made by Xavier Bleu was selected in Moscow at the European Film Festival 2020.


New video

You can discover the new video for "Lullaby for psycho" made by Xavier Bleu.

Caution! Poison Snake! No Entry!

The new book will be in stores in France on April 10th. It's already available on the Eidola Editions online store.



TvB is touring this winter & spring. See all dates below and details in the shows page.

  • 2020/02/07 - Intime Festival - Saint-Avertin (37 - Fr)
  • 2020/02/15 - Festival Hors-Pistes - Annecy (74 - Fr)
  • 2020/03/19 - La Nef - Angoulême (16 - Fr)
  • 2020/04/09 - Festival Faveur de Printemps - Hyères (83 - Fr)
  • 2020/04/28 - La Machine - Bruxelles (Be)
  • 2020/04/29 - Le Vecteur - Charleroi (Be)
  • 2020/04/30 - Le Grand Mix - Tourcoing (59 - Fr)

New book

Here is a message from Troy about it:

To all my French/English speaking friends, I’m happy to announce that I made a new book for you. It’s called “Caution! Poison Snake! No Entry!”
This book is special because it features the drawings of James Kroll (Bass of Chokebore) and preface + photos by Mathias Malzieu (Singer of Dionysos/Author/Film maker)
It’s a fun and intense book of short stories, flash fiction, and warped lyrics.
The book is in French and English (I’m super happy about this).

“Caution! Poison Snake! No Entry!” will be in the shops in France on April 1st but you can buy it now from Eidola Editions right here.

Caution! Poison snake! No entry!

You can visit him this weekend at the comic festival in Angoulême: he'll be signing his book and play some songs / read.

signing and singing in Angouleme 2020


TvB recently produced a 5 song EP for an artist named “Encre Amer” from Paris where he played instruments, did the production, and mixed the EP. It is “A TvB Production”!
He really enjoyed producing another artist and want to do it much more.
Listen on Bandcamp

Back to school

Troy is also working with kids in Angoulême for a school project. You can read the review on the newspaper below (click on the image to enlarge).

School newspaper review


New video

You can watch the new video for the song "Filthy days" made by Giovanni Di Legami and Domino Dos Santos

Don't forget the Paris show

This friday 20/09, TvB will play at Petit Bain with Michel Cloup Duo.
More infos here - Tickets

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