TVB FAll Tour 2008-2009
I feel a little uncomfortable posting in french now. Shall we start posting in english ? This would certainly be appreciated by silent forum readers all accross the net. This could be an idea since there's no english speaking place like this anywhere else. What do you guys think ?

- Steph
I encourage everyone to speak in english... if possible. 8)
stephaneschmit Wrote:En parlant de sociabilisation, quelqu'un sera à Valence vendredi ?

You're speaking French! Something about socializing at the Valence show? If you can give me a ride to the Valence show, I will socialize with you there! Otherwise, no dice. I can't take a train to Valence from Paris, sadly. I really would like to see Valence too...
Joseph Wrote:You're speaking French!
Haha sorry about that. I didn't realize how wrong It was speaking french on here back then..

Joseph Wrote:Something about socializing at the Valence show? If you can give me a ride to the Valence show, I will socialize with you there! Otherwise, no dice. I can't take a train to Valence from Paris, sadly. I really would like to see Valence too...
Sadly, I'm not driving there from Paris. I'm going by train from Nice. It would have been my pleasure though.

- Steph
Ah, well. I trust you will be posting a full report of your findings in Valence.
Anyone's going to tonight's TVB show @ Epicerie Moderne ? I'll be there (with a blue Chokebore Tshirt)...
Joseph Wrote:Ah, well. I trust you will be posting a full report of your findings in Valence.

Look at me quoting my own messages! I'm adorable! Anyway, I think I found a train from Paris to Valence! If I can get a seat on it AND find the venue once I'm actually in Valence, I'll be at the show! Exciting! (For me, not for you.)

I also think I figured out how to get to the venue for the show in Toulouse (it's within walking distance of the train station!), so I'll definitely be at that one.
The (approximative and not quite ordered) setlist :

01. Rainbow
02. New Song (Turn on the Charm ?)
03. Magnified
04. I Block the Sunlight out
05. New Song (And Communicate ?)
06. Real Strong Love
07. Sweet Receiver
08. Heroic Little Sisters
09. a "special song" with dancing bunny included smilie
10. Big Balls
11. Cover Us

12. New Song (a sad song)
13. Jesus cried
FUCK! He played "Big Balls" AND "Jesus Cried"! You lucky duck!
Hey Joseph, if you ever make it to the show then I how we can meet. I'll be with A* wearing a green t-shirt with a panda on it. That shouldn't be too hard to spot.

- Stephane
Also, I think should have some official t-shirt for everybody to wear at concerts.

- Stephane
Shame on you Valence !

The audience sucked. Noisy and rude. Stupid fucks.

Troy stopped in the middle of two songs because of that. "What are you talking about ?" he asked to the crowd. This sucked. People sucked.

The concert was awesome though. We got to hear new songs. Took stills and shot videos that will eventually make it to youtube for everybody to enjoy.

We stayed at the same hotel as Troy so we got to talk a bit in the corridor. We learnt that there's no such thing as an official relase date for the new album. It might be sometime in march if the record company he's talking with is still okay. This could be decided next week.

We also heard this second album had been remixed (whatever it means) and that Troy already wrote his third album. "The new songs are much better" he said.

That's about it.

Oh yes, somebody in the room recorded the show on digital media. I asked wether this was to be released anywhere one the web and he said could be. We'll see. Troy knew that guy. I don't know who he was and I didn't ask. Was he Joseph ? Could be. Was that you Joseph ?

Also, Troy played his old guitar. The Telecaster plus. It featured some custom artwork. Neon yellow paint on different places like pick-up and cutways. Funny stuff.

Merci beaucoup.

[Image: 03102008.jpg]

The actual document was stolen by a loud fat bitch at the end of the show. The worst piece of the whole crappy audience that night. May she fry in hell. smilie
stephaneschmit Wrote:Was he Joseph ? Could be. Was that you Joseph ?

I was Joseph! Yes, yes. Sorry, I think I promised to talk to you after the show, but I left in a hurry because I was annoyed with the crowd and didn't want to be around those people anymore. The recording is okay. I will try to figure out a way to get it to you good people when I'm back in the U.S. in a month (my Internet connection here is terrible, thus doing anything online is impossible). I also want to get a copy to Troy, so I'll work on that as well when I am back in the loving bosom of New Orleans.

I know the "loud fat bitch" you speak of. I noticed her during the truly awful opening act (incidentally, a lot of people in the crowd appeared to be friends with that guy, which is probably why they were quiet and respectful during his set and loud and obnoxious during Troy's) -- she was being an idiot, so it was hard not to take notice of her. Oddly enough, she was a huge TVB fan (and not just because she was fat!) who told Troy after the show that she owned both his CD and his book. That shocked me. I guess you never can tell... Anyway, she asked to buy new stuff and Troy told her his second album was recorded with a band that he will be touring with whenever the album gets released. So there's some news! Troy also mentioned to me that "Jesus Cried" was written by Bonnie Raitt, which shocked me (who knew?); further investigation via the Interweb has revealed that the song in question is actually called "Too Long at the Fair." How 'bout that! TVB should cover "Give 'Em Something to Talk About" next!

What hotel did you stay at? I'm thinking that all of us were staying in the same place! Or across the street from each other.

Well, I fucked up my train ticket to Toulouse (got it for the 9th instead of the 8th!) and now I gotta go to the station tomorrow to sort things out. Argh! I hope I can still make the Toulouse show cos it will be the last TVB show I can see while I'm in France.
Thanks for the missing pieces of info. We didn't get to hear all these things because we were staying away from the action as she was arrassing Troy. We still waited to say goodbye.

Sorry to hear you missed your train, too bad we couldn't chat the day after. Hopefuly we'll get to do that next time. I hope you can make it to the Toulouse show. And I sent you PM to answer your question.

As for the recording, well it sure would be nice to listen to it sometime but we recorded a good half of the show on cellphone camera so we can wait. We'll see ourselves with Troy how okay it is with him we bring shit online for everybody to enjoy though we decided to hold the bunny dance part. This definatly ought to remain a secret between Troy and the live audience.


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