TvB guitar rig
I know Troy used to rock a black Telecaster Plus back in the days but he now seems to like this green custom Strat better.

So what's the word about it ? Who made it ? What is it that makes it spécial to our man Troy ? Any piece of info will do.

As for the rest of Troys equipment, I found this is made of a RC20 (XL?) Boss phrase sampler and a Digitech GNX2 (or is it an old RP2000?) multi effects / amp simulator. Troy would play it into some big ass Fender combo onstage.

If you guys happen to know sh*t than don't hesitate to add to this and eventually correct me. I'm such a guitar geek. Please. Help me ! Big Grin
Well it's definitely not a real Strat. And it sure isn't green Smile Look at this picture to see the original colour:

It seems to have a neck-through body, and the back of the head bears the signature "Eric Johnson" (who appears to be some kind of famous guitar hero).

Troy recorded Black Black with that guitar...
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Plus there's another topic about that here. smilie
Actually, I'm speaking of a different strat like guitar. It can be seen on the page below.

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Anyway, somebody please delete this thread so I can pretend nothing happened ! Smile
Hey, that's the same guitar! :lol: It's just been heavily "decorated" with some kind of semi-transparent green-yellow plastic tape... I seem to remember Troy telling me he didn't like the original look of that guitar, so I guess he just decided to cover it up...
{ It's like I swim in sound and the way it feels means everything for me }
Oh is it ? I would have guessed Troy's name was now big enough for getting him offically endorsed by some custom guitar manufacturer. Anyway, thanks ! Smile

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