Happiness and Joy video what do you think ?
I think it's disapointing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy amature DIY projects and everything but this really isn't good enough. Sorry for not being friendly here. So what do you guys think ?
I think it turned out official but wasn't supposed to at first. So I can understand you're disappointed.
Thanks for the info. I suspected so. Not sure this was that smart of a move then.

Beside, I started this thread in english but everyone, feel free to reply in whatever language you wish. French is much welcome for example. smilie
The song has sad words on a happy music. Great song!
The video try to create an 'horror movie atmosphere' with funny parts... not so funny....
Ca manque un chouïa de finesse pour vraiment bien marcher.
Bref la vidéo ne magnifie pas forcément la chanson, même si certains passages ont une bonne dose d'humour noir, ce qui me plait bien.

... ceci n'est que mon humble avis

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