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New EP Falls Best + one song today on Magic
Quote:Chokebore's new EP Falls Best will be released on 12-inch vinyl on October 10 by the French label Vicious Circle. It will also be released in digital format after the band's autumn tour.

Listen to 'Lawsuit' on Magic today:
J'adore !!!! Paroles & musiques, du très bon ! vivement la suite.

Pour youtube, le label l'a mis aussi, donc pas de souci.
Excellente cette chanson 'Lawsuit'. Ça donne envie d'en écouter plus... Vivement octobre!
And now on Soundcloud :
Précommande :
This is Auren The Lizzard. Don't lick my back or your tongue will turn yellow and your face will be purple. Don't do it unless you want to die in terrible pain but it's fun!

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