New book + music - Hawaii au gout de sel

Troy made music for a new book that has been released in France. Its called Hawaii Au goût de sel.
He recorded a musical performance with the author Julie Nakache. It includes all new TvB music and 3 new TvB songs inside woven into the performance also.
It's in all the shops now (and in the editor's shop) and it just won a prize for best audiobook.

Hawaii au goût de sel - Audiobook prize 2023

Mowno webzine book

For its 25th anniversary last year, the webzine Mowno edited a book with the 100 interviews most dear to the editors, including Troy and Chokebore ones.
The book is available on Mowno's shop.

Mowno - 100 interviews - TvB

Interview on Vinyl & Audio magazine

You can read an interesting interview published on Vinyl & Audio magazine on the interviews page.

Short documentary

Jean-Christophe Moine has made a short film about TvB's universe, including footage of Troy & Chokebore shows & backstages. You can find it on his site.

Dionysos upcoming 30 year anniversary release

Troy sang the song "Wet" with Dionysos for their upcoming 30 year anniversary release.

Mixing & recording

Troy is currently mixing songs for other artists and recording his next album at the same time.