Troy unijambiste ?!
Quote:Sunday, January 06, 2008

save troys foot foundation (STFF)

Hello friends,
I would like to thank all of you that have send donations to the "Save Troy's Foot Foundation" (STFF) in the last few weeks. With your support we have raised almost 27 euros ($39.8345 USD) to buy Troy a brand new foot. All of your letters and donations have also raised his spirts to an almost euphoric state. If Troy could speak I'm sure he would thank each and every one of you personally for your kindness and love. His mind has decayed to a vegetative state in the last few days, but he remains as sexy as always in his tight little hospital pants.
Here at the STFF we hope to raise enough money to buy Troy a Bionic foot that will help him to jump incredibly high and also make him one of the worlds best flamenco dancers.
your help can make miracles come true....please donate.
thank you,
Pepe Kingsly (CEO STFF)

Merci aux donateurs smilie
{ It's like I swim in sound and the way it feels means everything for me }
Enorme, vous connaissez pas le personnage ou quoi? Troy est un génie il est un illuminé, il créé, il imagine, c'est un rêveur, c'est un monsieur plein de ressource et d'humour!

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