Keep your ear to the ground
Hey, I know this thread comes back on every new forum, but still...
What are you listening to, RIGHT NOW ?

(I love the idea of this thread, it's lovely to discover new artists)

Right now i'm listening to

[Image: B00069W4K4.08._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg]

Bright Eyes - Digital ash in a digital urn

Which I've finally managed to listen to as a whole. And to find it great. That's definetly not my favourite BE album but I love hte drums.
Death Cab For Cutie baby !
oh simon you're from exsonvaldes ? I've heard about this band recently through

I like your music, guys, come back in toulouse ! Big Grin
I'm listening to the last 22 pistepirkko album drops and kicks and am mad about I missed the concert.

I'm starving for the new album of troy but it's still not available in germany and the postage from france sucks.
Hey Xiu
Yes I sing in exsonvaldes. We played in Toulouse last year at the Fairfield.
Hopefully we'll come back when our new album is released.
Listening to Let Us Garlands Bring by Early Day Miners.

Simon : Can you recommend a Death Cab for Cutie album ?
{ It's like I swim in sound and the way it feels means everything for me }
Florent : I would recommend "Transatlantisiscm", their 2003 one. Great songs, great sound. Their brand new record "Plans" is really great too, a bit more mellow and produced (they're on Atlantic now Smile), but beautiful. Ben Gibbard is an incredible songwriter. You can also try their breakthrough-album from 2001 : "The Photo Album".

Of course you also need to listen to Ben Gibbard's side-project with Jimmy Tamborello (DnTel) : The Postal Service.
I am really into the new Depeche Mode "playing the angel"
+ Deportivo debut album
& last but not least Exsonvaldes' new demos/songs
Exsonvaldes' new demos/ songs? How come? smilie only heard them live but they are very good. so simon, when is the next album released? (I know, it's THE question...)

As for what I am listening to right now, well... don't laugh Girls in Hawaii - Found in the ground
Who are you, "Guest"? smilie

Simon, thanks for the recommendations. I've heard the Postal Service, it's pretty good... Speaking of which, check this out: (and the discussion at Temporary Residence forums) :shock: :lol:
{ It's like I swim in sound and the way it feels means everything for me }
Yes Florent i've seen this. If it was a Chokebore gold record, i may have bought it.
But wait, there isn't any Chokebore gold record ! Smile

Guest is probably C...

Kim : soon. or not.
ohhh exsonvaldes!!!! listen to this since 3 days... i really enjoy the song on your website, i want to buy the album when i'll have more money in my pocket!!!
so at this time i'm listening :
nine inch nails
finally listened to death cab for cutie... (transatlanticism) and i really enjoy it ! thank you !
So maybe I should do the same?

for the moment, am listening to 'Any downs at all', very nice, indeed.
I really love 'Hearts of palm' by Idaho, has anyone ever heard of this CD or simply the band?
It IS very nice.

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