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Chokebore in Marseille tonight
was so disapointing. First act was a sad joke. Annoying as hell. Of course Chokebore was great as always but the sound was a shame. Sometime one could hardly tell the songs. Shame on you Poste à Galène. You will never see me again !
Beside, I know most like to hear old songs but I would have liked to hear all the new stuff instead. In better accoustic condition of course.
Very sorry to hear that... Haven't seen the Marseille setlist yet, but the Novosonic setlist posted by Franck counts 4 out of the 5 songs of the new EP... Plus 5 tracks from It's a Miracle if you'll include the Sections/She Flew Alone sequence... Was it so different and so bad in Marseille? Come on!
{ It's like I swim in sound and the way it feels means everything for me }
I can't quite remember the exact setlist but I'd say 3 of the new songs got played which isn't bad after all. Problem is sound was so muddy/boxy one couldn't quite hear what's up. I was pissed. I'm no sound engineer but the mix seemed way too loud for such a small venue.
Sorry about the sound, I know what it feels when it happens (rarely enough now, hopefully).

They play almost the same songs every evening, yesterday in Lyon, they cut the setlist a little 'cos they were very tired - had a problem with the van, sticked in Marseille for most of the day, arrived 1 hour before playing - but 3 songs from the new EP were played.

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