Hawaii Au gout de sel (2023) Hawaii au goût de sel

Troy wrote 3 songs for this audiobook in French & English, written by Julie Nakache, illustrated by Zoé Crevette, translated by Eddy L. Harris

You can order it from Eidola Editions right here.

It won a prize for best audiobook in September 2023 during La Nuit du Livre.

Caution ! Poison snake ! No entry ! (2020) Caution! Poison snake! No entry!

This book is special because it features the drawings of James Kroll (Bass of Chokebore) and preface + photos by Mathias Malzieu (Singer of Dionysos/Author/Film maker)
It’s a fun and intense book of short stories, flash fiction, and warped lyrics.
The book is in French and English.

You can order it from Eidola Editions right here.

This poem does not please her. (2013) This poem does not please her - cover

We need you

When the powerful hoofs
of the riot horse break
the place in your chest
that covers your heart
fire at them
with all of your might
just be sure
that you don't
recede into dark

3 Girls (2007)3-girls-cover-pic.jpg

"These words we carried to our death and when the flesh left us, we carried them inside our great bags". Troy Balthazar created a poem disguised as a novel disguised as a diary disguised as a work of art. Beautiful on every level, composed with feverish care, "3 Girls" will steal your soul and grind it into stars.