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Sunday 2 January 2011


Happy new year

It's that time of the year again. Have a nice 2011 full of good music and love.

Reviews, interviews, articles...

Once again, lots of reviews, interviews and articles about TvB's How to live on nothing and the 2010 fall tour.

Reviews: Popnews (fr), La musique à papa (fr), Des oreilles dans babylone (fr), Fensepost (en), Slanted mixtapes (en), Musiczine (fr), Indiepoprock (fr), Alternativ musik (de), Mainstage (de), Indierockmag (fr), France Inter / Didier Varrod (fr), Babysue (en), Leo Weekly (en), Orcasound (en).

Live reviews: Le mauvais coton (fr), Cave aux poètes (fr), les inrocks (fr), Le Bien Public (fr).

Interviews: Take a drag or two (fr), Dark Globe  (fr), Fest magazine (pt/en).

Articles: Telerama (fr), Magnet magazine (en).

TvB LP review: Shoot me again (fr).

See media page.

Special show

A special TvB show will take place at la Machine (du moulin rouge), Paris (Fr) on April 15th. See tour dates page for details and reservation.

Thursday 29 October 2009


The TVB LP is out!

The first TVB vinyl release TVB LP is now available for international orders at Silver Rocket Records. See disco page for artwork & tracklisting.

2 more shows in 2009

A show in Berlin, another one in Prague, both in December. See tour dates page for details.

Website design evolution

Before a completely new version next year, the design is slightly evolving.

Sunday 22 March 2009


Tour dates

Troy is back on the road next month for a french tour (and a show in Prague too): see tour dates page for details.

TVB 3 EP CD & Compilations

A new CD including the Sweet Receiver EP, the Red Spider EP, and the Paradise EP will be available at the shows. Troy also appears on 2 compilations: the Surf me up! longbox compilation and the Inrockuptibles' 2nd Trésors cachés compilation.
See disco page for details.

TVB Covers

You recorded a cool cover of a TVB's song and want to share it ? Send it to
[ tvb AT troyvonbalthazar.net ] and a selection will appear on a dedicated page in the coming weeks.
note : only mp3 / 192kbps max are allowed.