Interview, review & German TV

A review (+ photos and a video) for the Oliver peel session #13, a private gig in appartement on Rocker Paris. A video interview on Troy also appears on a report on ZDF (check from 26:30).

New single soon

New single to be released for TVB upcoming album How To Live On Nothing on 3rd side records soon.

The 2nd book

Troy is just finishing the writing of his 2nd book.


Contribute to the project on and help to "keep me from running to the mountains", in other words help Troy to carry on writing songs and books, playing concerts.

New covers / remixes

From members of Europe and Co Collective. Check them out on the covers page. If you want to be on this page, you can send your mp3s to [ tvb AT ].

Lyrics for the TVB LP / TVB 3EP

Lyrics for the TVB LP at the words page.