One more tour date

The autumn tour will end in Glarus (Switzerland) : see tour dates page.

Son of Magnified video download

The video for the song Son of Magnified, directed by Darren Ankenman, is available for download on the video page. You can also find it in low resolution on Youtube.

Son of Magnified on iTunes

The song Son of Magnified is now available on the french iTunes store.

Interviews & reviews

An interview in Spanish on ABC, in French on Rock in Chair. Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed in French on Millefeuille and Métalorgie.

Live report and photos

A review and pictures of the Massy show on Le Hiboo (French).

Press, live photos & flyer

Three press photos to download added, live pictures of the Dour festival by Maddy Julien, live pictures of the Cabaret Frappé by Dominique Joguin, the flyer of the Spain tour with Tender Forever in the photo section.