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Saturday 1 October 2011


Chokebore - Falls bestChokebore new EP and fall tour

Chokebore is back with a new EP named Falls Best. They'll also tour this fall in Europe, check all the news on Chokebore official site.

Interviews, reviews, live reviews

Lots of new interviews in french: Bandes sonores, Gonzai, Visual Music.
3 reviews of How to live on nothing: HHV mag (de), W-Fenec (fr) & Goûte mes disques (fr).
Live reviews: Rock it to the moon (fr), Mind riot Music (fr), Take a drag or two (fr).
Check the media page.


Many photos from TvB fall & spring tour: Cave aux poètes - 2010/10/28, Point Ephémère Paris - 2010/11/04, Botanique, Bruxelles, Kmeron - 2011/03/24, La machine Paris, Robert Gil - 2011/04/15, Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseille, Projet BIW - 2011/04/11, Le fil, St Etienne, A taste of Indie - 2011/04/08, La Flaq, Paris, Le Cargo - 2011/04/01.

Acoustic sessions

Several video sessions: Le Cargo - Acoustic session #260, Hartzine - Private Session, La blogothèque - Take away show.

Music score, songs

Besides rehearsing for Chokebore tour, Troy von Balthazar is also currently writing the music score for two films (one French, one German) and recording new songs.

Wednesday 7 October 2009


French tour

A new french tour in november: see tour dates page for details.

New page: covers

A new page appears on the site: talented people made remixes and covers of TVB songs, you can hear them on the covers page. If you want to be on this page, you can still send your mp3s to [ tvb AT troyvonbalthazar.net ].
note : only mp3 / 192kbps max are allowed.

Reviews, live reviews, interviews

Lots of new (and recently found old) reviews and interviews.
Czech press: an article, an interview & a review of TVB 3EP on Lidovky (Cz).
French press: a review of TVB 3EP + an interview on Popnews (Fr).
Oldies: article and Troy Von Balthazar review on W-Fenec (Fr), interview, Troy Von Balthazar review and Troy Von Balthazar EP review on Mowno (Fr), Troy Von Balthazar review on dMute (Fr), and finally Troy Von Balthazar review, concert review and interview on the Swiss German Bands Magazine (De).

Czech tour flyer

A new flyer for the Czech tour on the photo page.


Some photos of TVB on les nuits botaniques 2009 photoblog.

Thursday 9 July 2009


Tour dates

New tour dates in Czech Republic. A tour in China is scheduled for august-september 2009. See tour dates page.

8 songs for chinese girls

Note from Wangba Records : "This album is a special 500 CDs chinese version. A compilation from TVB recordings from 2003 to 2009. '8 songs for chinese girls' is released for TVB's China Tour 2009. Only available for his performances and selected stores in China". No import available. See disco page for artwork & tracklisting.

Flyer and poster

New flyers and posters of TVB 1st album on Sinnbus, TVB + Tocotronic tour and the forthcoming China tour on the photo page.


You can read a short interview of TVB on Popblog (de/en).
You can also listen to an interview on Radio Pluriel (fr/en).

Live photos, reviews and videos

Pictures of the Nouveau Casino show by Alain G. at Soul Kitchen, review and photo/video on Blugture, and an acoustic session "Le choix des armes" on Dominotv.

Tuesday 14 April 2009


TVB on the radio

You can listen to a radio show named Top Tape on Radio Campus Paris (in french/english) with Troy as guest. On the program: new songs appearing on the 3EP CD, 3 acoustic solo songs played live, an interview, Troy reading excerpts from his book, and other cool tunes.

Paris show Flyer

A new flyer has been added for the Nouveau Casino show (april 17th).
See photo page.

Monday 10 December 2007



The book is now available worldwide through the Sinnbus records mailorder.

German press

A new interview in German on Musikexpress.

Live photos

A set of live photos of the Munich show on the Roteraupe gallery.

Saturday 24 November 2007


International releases

Troy Von Balthazar is now available since october 26th in Germany, Austria and Poland released by Sinnbus records.


Also available through Sinnbus records mailorder (for Germany only) is the book written by Troy named 3 girls.

German press

Lots of reviews, interviews and articles: Troy Von Balthazar is reviewed on Spiegel Online, Sellfish, Intro, Sweet Jane Music, Plattentests.
You can also read interviews on Mainstage and Sellfish and articles on Spex and Zuckerkick.

Another interview

You can find a new interview (in english) of Troy Von Balthazar on Festmag.

TVB tour pictures...

... on his myspace page.

Friday 19 January 2007


Reports and reviews

4 new live reviews, one in french on the webzine Popnews, 3 in dutch on Moon Art Gallery and Goddeau : first, second.
Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed in dutch on Goddeau.


3 more interviews, one in french on the webzine Métalorgie, one in dutch on Musiczine and the last one also in dutch on Goddeau.
This last interview also have a video version on Gobots. Another video report with interview and 2 live songs can be found at Chronicart TV.

Live photos

Pictures of the Cactus! show in Brugge by Johan Meurisse on Musiczine, pictures of the Maroquinerie show in Paris by Robert Gil on his website.

Forum revamped

For the new year, the forum changed its outfit and is now colored in black, grey and pink as the rest of the site. Have a look, and drop a line !

Tuesday 21 November 2006


One more tour date

The autumn tour will end in Glarus (Switzerland) : see tour dates page.

Son of Magnified video download

The video for the song Son of Magnified, directed by Darren Ankenman, is available for download on the video page. You can also find it in low resolution on Youtube.

Son of Magnified on iTunes

The song Son of Magnified is now available on the french iTunes store.

Interviews & reviews

An interview in Spanish on ABC, in French on Rock in Chair. Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed in French on Millefeuille and Métalorgie.

Live report and photos

A review and pictures of the Massy show on Le Hiboo (French).

Press, live photos & flyer

Three press photos to download added, live pictures of the Dour festival by Maddy Julien, live pictures of the Cabaret Frappé by Dominique Joguin, the flyer of the Spain tour with Tender Forever in the photo section.

Thursday 26 October 2006


Note : this website was created in 2001 and maintained by Florent until this summer, thanx a lot to him !

Tour dates

The autumn tour has already begun : see tour dates page for details.

Articles, interviews & reviews

Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed in Spanish on RockDelux ; others articles in Spanish on RockDelux & Tendencias. An interview in French on Dinoutoo and another one in Portuguese on Bodyspace.

Studio photos

Pictures of the mix of Son of Magnified with Mathias Malzieu by Magali Boyer in a new gallery of the photo section.

Friday 14 July 2006


Dutch festivals

2 more festivals in July in the Netherlands: see tour dates page.


Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed in Portuguese on Bodyspace; Brest show reviewed on Cinquième Nuit.

Live photos

Pictures of the Brest show by Hervé Le Gall and pictures of the Soundstation show by Dominique Houcmant in the photo section.

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