TvB - Knights of Something

  1. Surfer
  2. Thugs
  3. We need you
  4. Smarter
  5. Astrid
  6. Empire of my hate
  7. New world lamb
  8. Touch is meat
  9. Curses!
  10. Smile
  11. My black prize
  12. Manic high
  13. Lemon seed

All songs written and recorded by TvB on an old Tascam 388 tape machine and a bunch of guitar pedals.
The drums for We need you, Astrid, and Surf, + the song Curses! were recorded at Coxinhell studios France by Sebastien Gros
Thanks to Celine de Streel, Sebastien Gros, Norman Nitzche, Flavie Durou, and the neighbors in my building in Berlin for not yelling at me while I was singing.
Mastered at Calyx Berlin by Norman Nitzche
All songs Copyright 2016 TvB
Under exclusive license from Troy Von Balthazar
A special thanks to all the nice people who take the time to listen. You are my best friends.