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Courage, mon amour ! - 2021

TvB - Courage, mon amour !

  1. Black Black
  2. Mr. Cohen
  3. Snowflake
  4. Violent Summer
  5. You Owe Me
  6. Jacob
  7. Move Me
  8. What I Like (About Me)
  9. Le Monde Extérieur
  10. Until the Day
  11. Just Don't It
  12. Other People
  13. End Crazy

Music & text by TvB
Recorded & mixed by TvB
Mastered by Norman Nitzche at CALYX Mastering, Berlin
Artwork by Amandine P. & TvB
Photo by Camille Derian

It ends like crazy - 2019

TvB - It ends like crazy

  1. Rain saves lives
  2. Holy something
  3. Impale
  4. Love me don't
  5. Lullaby for psycho
  6. Hell
  7. Big fat tear
  8. I put out
  9. Stoned dancers
  10. Fighter
  11. Invader
  12. Boys
  13. Filthy days

All musicians are TvB.
Mixed by Henri d’Armancourt at Velvet Underground Studio, Paris.
Mastered by Mathieu Bameulle at Soundbox Mastering, Paris.
Additional vocals on « Boys » by Zenobia Cobon.

Knights of Something - 2016

TvB - Knights of Something

  1. Surfer
  2. Thugs
  3. We need you
  4. Smarter
  5. Astrid
  6. Empire of my hate
  7. New world lamb
  8. Touch is meat
  9. Curses!
  10. Smile
  11. My black prize
  12. Manic high
  13. Lemon seed

All songs written and recorded by TvB on an old Tascam 388 tape machine and a bunch of guitar pedals.
The drums for We need you, Astrid, and Surf, + the song Curses! were recorded at Coxinhell studios France by Sebastien Gros
Thanks to Celine de Streel, Sebastien Gros, Norman Nitzche, Flavie Durou, and the neighbors in my building in Berlin for not yelling at me while I was singing.
Mastered at Calyx Berlin by Norman Nitzche
All songs Copyright 2016 TvB
Under exclusive license from Troy Von Balthazar
A special thanks to all the nice people who take the time to listen. You are my best friends. with the demon - 2012

TVB ... is with the demon

  1. Tropical
  2. Coco
  3. About being hurt
  4. Distresses
  5. White sailboat
  6. Tiger vs. pigeon
  7. Applause
  8. Butter
  9. Queen of what?
  10. Purple gold eye
  11. Zeros
  12. Viva

Music by Troy von Balthazar

All instruments played by Troy von Balthazar except voice and bass on "Butter" by Adeline Fargier Jasso.
Recorded by Sebastian Gros at Coxinhell Studio, St. Aygulf, France, except "Tropical" recorded in Cohen's kitchen, Los Angeles, and "White Sailboat" recorded at Floating Bruno Studios, Berlin.
Mixed by Troy von Balthazar at Floating Bruno Studios, Berlin. Mastered at Calyx Mastering, Berlin by Bo Kondren.
Produced by Troy von Balthazar. Artwork by Nella Rieken/AufAuf using "Ohne Titel (Der Kopf)" by Hannes Schmidt, 2007, photographed by Rosa Merk.

℗ & © Vicious Circle 2012
Under exclusive license from Troy von Balthazar.
TvB © copyright 2012

How to live on nothing - 2010

How to live on nothing

  1. CATT
  2. very very famous
  3. The tigers
  4. Happiness and joy
  5. To a girl with one wing gone
  6. Mt. Balthazar
  7. Diamond brain
  8. In limited light
  9. Wings
  10. Communicate
  11. Santiago
  12. S.
  13. Dots and hearts
  14. Infinite face

3, 5, 7, 8, 9 all instruments and voices: TvB
1 all instruments and male voices: TvB; female voice: Adeline Fargier Jasso
2, 4, 6, 10, 13, 14 guitar: Adeline Fargier Jasso; drums: Emma Kathan; Keyboards: Mitch Cichocki; bass: Jason Bacher; guitar and voices: TvB
11 drums: Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo; bass: Mitch Cichocki; guitar and voices: TvB
12 female voice: Saskia Timm

1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14 recorded at New Monkey Studio, Los Angeles by Fritz Michaud
5 recorded and mixed at Coxinhell Studio, France by Sébastien Gros
8 recorded and mixed at floating bruno studios, Berlin by Troy Von Balthazar
9 recorded at floating bruno studios, Wassersoupe France by Troy Von Balthazar
4 & 13 mixed at floating bruno studios, Los Angeles & Honolulu by Troy Von Balthazar and Yann Arnaud at La Truite, Paris
1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 mixed at floating bruno studios, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Montreal, Paris, Berlin by Troy Von Balthazar

Album written and produced by Troy Von Balthazar
Mastered by Andreas - LUPO - Lubich at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Artwork by Nellu / - Cover photo by Magali Boyer

Published by Caramba Publishing / Because Editions / Rockumentary Publishing
(p) & © 2010 Third side Records

Troy Von Balthazar - 2005

Troy Von Balthazar

  1. TVB Has Fingers
  2. Took Some $$
  3. Magnified
  4. I Block the Sunlight Out
  5. Dogs
  6. Numbers
  7. Real Strong Love
  8. Bad Controller
  9. Perfect
  10. Old Black Joe
  11. The Color Comes
  12. You, When You're Drunk
  13. Rainbow
  14. Cover Us
  15. Playground
  16. Heroic Little Sisters

+ video by Darren Ankenman on CD-Rom track

all songs written by TVB
copyright 2005 Floatingbrunomusic
except Old Black Joe traditional

tracks 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 recorded at New Monkey studio Los Angeles-in complete isolation like living on some beautiful Los Angeles moon. Ghosts on the keyboard.
tracks 1, 6, 11, 14 recorded in Leipzig, Germany-in a big cold flat, old style coal heating, lugging black chunks of coal up every morning in buckets
track 4 recorded in Los Angeles-then drunk guitars recorded later in blue Hawaii
track 15 recorded in Berlin, Germany-biking all day in straw hat everything a blur at top speed, writing lyrics while people scream, a cluster of dots and eyes and hearts
tracks 3, 16 recorded somewhere in the northern mountains of France-total silence day + night, a broken 4-track, pulsating brains a swirl of songs, a cheap mic, and a growing fear of being captured

all songs were produced, recorded, mixed + engineered by TVB
except Playground recorded by Anton K. Feist and Sunlight recorded by Neyzen Siyan and TVB

all instruments played by TVB
the wondeful female voice on Dogs + Perfect is Adeline Fargier
the Japanese voice on Playground is Megumi Kakumoto

mastered by Lupo at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin

artwork by Nellu F./
photos for songs 9+14 by Darren Ankenman

(p) & © 2005 Olympic Disk - 3107302