tvb3ep.jpg Sweet Receiver EP + Red Spider EP + Paradise EP

  1. I Get Faded
  2. Paradise (feat. The Black Pine)
  3. Tone Clusters
  4. Sweetheart (feat. Frigo)
  5. Enemies
  6. One Last Happiness
  7. Sweet Receiver
  8. You Could Ice Skate to This
  9. Red Spider
  10. I Want Me to Want You (Sweetheart)
  11. Good Night Emma

tvb3ep-2.jpg All songs by Troy Von Balthazar except "Paradise" by The Black Pine and TVB + "Sweetheart" was arranged by Frigo
Words by Troy von Balthazar except "Paradise" by TVB + Emma Kathan
Artwork by
Original photo by Maddy Julien
© 2009 Powerful Wing Publishing