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Saturday 24 November 2007


International releases

Troy Von Balthazar is now available since october 26th in Germany, Austria and Poland released by Sinnbus records.


Also available through Sinnbus records mailorder (for Germany only) is the book written by Troy named 3 girls.

German press

Lots of reviews, interviews and articles: Troy Von Balthazar is reviewed on Spiegel Online, Sellfish, Intro, Sweet Jane Music, Plattentests.
You can also read interviews on Mainstage and Sellfish and articles on Spex and Zuckerkick.

Another interview

You can find a new interview (in english) of Troy Von Balthazar on Festmag.

TVB tour pictures...

... on his myspace page.

Thursday 20 September 2007


New tour dates

Troy will be opening for Tocotronic for their autumn tour : see tour dates page for details.

International releases

Troy Von Balthazar will be available on october 26th in Germany, Austria and Poland released by Sinnbus records.

Wednesday 26 October 2005


Vote for Troy Von Balthazar!

Vote for Troy on the "Indé 30" weekly indie chart of French radio station Le Mouv' (see bottom of page).

Weather report

TVB is ranked number 10 in this month's "Baromètre" chart, just ahead of Cocorosie.

Album reviews

Press cuttings from Express Mag, Pil & Swiss newspapers 24 Heures, Le Temps & La Tribune de Genève.

Monday 10 October 2005


TVB album out now!

Troy Von Balthazar's long awaited debut album was released today on Olympic Disk.

The record got a great review in today's edition of Libération.

International releases

Already available in France, Belgium and Switzerland, Troy Von Balthazar will soon be released in Germany, Spain and Canada.

Troy Von Balthazar on the radio

Today, after the show at the Laiterie in Strasbourg (around 8:30 PM), Troy will be interviewed on Radio En Construction (live stream available on the radio's website).