New album available in the US

...Is with the demon is now available in the US on The New Black Records.

It's also available on iTunes US (digital) and Amazon US (digital & CD).

TvB writing songs

Writing time

Troy is currently writing songs for his next album.

September tour

Troy will tour in September with shows in Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria. More info later.


Spring Tour

The spring tour starts today! Troy will play in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Germany. Be there!

New video

Julien Guntz shot a video for the song Tiger vs pigeon: you can watch it on Vimeo.


A review of "...Is with the demon" on Visual Music.


New tour dates

Several shows added in Germany. See shows page for details.

Magnified out today

The tribute to Troy Von Balthazar released by the webzine My Music Factory is out today: download it for free on Bandcamp.

Tracklisting and informations can be found on the new dedicated page in the Compilation section.


Spring tour

The spring tour is announced. Check dates & venues on the Shows page.

This poem does not please her - cover

New book

This poem does not please her, the new TVB book will be available at shows and selected shops (to be announced).
You can read an excerpt on the projects page.

Video sessions

You can watch an acoustic video session on Le Cargo. Troy plays Tropical, Queen of what? & Applause.
Troy also played Tropical for Bruxelles ma belle.

Reviews, article, interview

New reviews of ...Is with the demon on De la lune on entend tout and Le temps.
One article on Simone A_review and an interview on My Music Factory.

TVB songs for a film

6 songs of TvB appear on the soundtrack of Nolwenn Lemesle first film, Des morceaux de moi, released in France on Feb. 13th 2013. See projects page.

Best of 2012

Troy is #1 in the best of 2012 concerts on Mind Riot Music.
...Is with the demon is #3 on Mind Riot Music & #7 on A découvrir absolument readers top albums of 2012.

Magnified - Tribute to Troy Von Balthazar

A tribute to Troy Von Balthazar

Magnified, a fine compilation of Troy von Balthazar and Chokebore songs will be released - as a free download - on March 11th by the french webzine My Music Factory.
Here is the tracklisting:

  1. My Sidekicks "Dogs"
  2. Xav Feugray "Heroic Little Sister"
  3. My North Eye "Wings"
  4. Exsonvaldes "You are the sunshine of my life"
  5. Ex Voto "Ciao LA"
  6. Alice the Goon "You, When you're drunk"
  7. Leave her to Heaven " Tropical"
  8. My Broken Frame "To a Girl with One wing gone"
  9. Luis Francesco Arena "Smaller steps"
  10. Sylvie Lacheray "Real Strong love"
  11. Willo "Rainbow"
  12. X.O "Days of Nothing"
  13. Shubni "Magnified"
  14. Qu'en pense Gertrude "Took some Dollars"
  15. Bonus Track : TVB "About being Hurt (First demo version)"


Happy new year!

Have a nice 2013 full of good music and love.

This ain't California soundtrack cover

"This Ain't California" soundtrack

Troy Von Balthazar appears on the soundtrack of This Ain't California, a critically acclaimed indie documentary about skateboarding in the former East Germany, with 3 tracks!
The soundtrack was released in Germany on December 7 and is available in CD format on Amazon or digital on Amazon or iTunes.

Complete tracklisting and information can be found on the new dedicated page in the Compilation section.


You can see TvB playing White sailboat, Applause & The tigers at Le Point Ephémère, Paris thanx to Mowno. Added on the video page.
You can also watch the video session for Popnews & Citazine where Troy played Tropical & Queen of what?

Reviews, concert reviews, article & interviews

Lots of reviews, interviews and articles about "...Is with the demon" and the 2012 fall tour.

Check the press page for details.

Spring tour

A tour will take place in spring. More info later.


…is with the demon, European release

The new Troy von Balthazar album "...Is with the demon" is available since Friday October 19th in all good stores in Germany and Austria (Cargo), Portugal (Compact), Switzerland (Irascible).

Still available in french stores, on Vicious Circle online shop, and on Believe for digital format worldwide, except in the USA.

"...Is with the demon" will be released on November 5th in the UK on Shellshock and on January 2013 on The new black Records in the USA.

Record of the week

"...Is with the demon" is record of the week on Intro.

More reviews

New reviews of "...Is with the demon" on Oh Fancy!, Bad Sounds Magazine, Mowno, OX, Mojo, Noise, Rolling Stone, Indiemusic, Alternativ Muzik, Against the silence, Indiepoprock, and a little article on Intro.

Check the press page for details.


You can buy tickets for Paris (Digitick - Fnac) & Berlin (Koka36) shows.

2012/10/08 with the demon

The new Troy von Balthazar album "...Is with the demon" is out today in France in digifile CD or LP (clear vinyl + mp3 download) format. Available in stores, on Vicious Circle online shop, and on iTunes with a bonus track, "Curses".

It will be available in Germany, Portugal, UK, Switzerland and Austria on October 19th.

First reviews & old press

First reviews of "...Is with the demon" on Obsküre magazine, L'humanité, Keyboards recording, Magic!, Vibrations, Sortir ici.
And also an article on Obsküre magazine and a TvB playlist on Magic!

Some old press added, 10 mainly german and american reviews of "How to live on nothing".

Check the record review page for details.

Brand new site

A new refined website is up, and apart from the clear design, the content has been reorganized, and one page added: Troy von Balthazar projects page including music for films, books & other musical project.
You can also listen to 3 songs from "...Is with the demon" in the opposite audio player.

Please let me know what you think and contact me if you notice something wrong.


Exclusive streaming of "...Is with the demon"

You can listen to the entire album on Mowno during this week (October 1st - 7th).

Tour dates

The fall tour will see Troy travel through France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany: see Tour dates page for details.


Preorder the new album

You can preorder the new Troy von Balthazar album "...Is with the Demon" on Vicious Circle online shop in CD or LP (clear vinyl + mp3 download) format. You will receive it one week before official release.

2012/07/12 with the demon : new album out on October 8th 2012

With his new album, the Hawaiian Troy Von Balthazar chooses to devote himself body and soul to music. We hear it in the songs.
This Lunar character, charismatic and deeply moving, creates a melodic atmosphere completely intense and always interesting. His music is powerful, and Troy Von Balthazar isn't copying anyone. We feel it, and we fall into the music. with the demon will be released on CD, Vinyl & mp3 on October 8th 2012 (Vicious Circle, distribution Differ-Ant, Believe) with the demonTracklisting

  1. Tropical
  2. Coco
  3. About being hurt
  4. Distresses
  5. White sailboat
  6. Tiger vs. pigeon
  7. Applause
  8. Butter
  9. Queen of what?
  10. Purple gold eye
  11. Zeros
  12. Viva

Listen to "Tiger vs. pigeon"

Enjoy the first excerpt of the album on Youtube & Soundcloud!


A tour will take place in the fall. More news later.

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