New single "Impale"

You can now listen to the song "Impale" from the forthcoming album "It ends like crazy" on Youtube.

Tour dates

TvB will tour this spring, you can check the first dates below, and get more details (address, tickets…) on the shows page.

  • 2019/04/21 - Chato'Do - Blois (41 - Fr)
  • 2019/04/29 - La Maroquinerie - Paris (75 - Fr)
  • 2019/05/04 - Century Festival - Mouscron (Be)
  • 2019/05/22 - Les Nuits Folks - Buis-les-Baronnies (26 - Fr)
  • 2019/05/23 - L'Épicerie Moderne - Lyon (69 - Fr)
  • 2019/05/24 - La Parenthèse - Nyon (CH)
  • 2019/05/26 - Les Passagers du Zinc - Besançon (25 - Fr)
  • 2019/06/03 - Médiathèque - Monaco (98)
  • 2019/06/04 - Les Microsmiques - Montpellier (34 - Fr)
  • 2019/06/06 - Le Kaléidoscope - Rouen (76 - Fr)
  • 2019/06/07 - Le Poche - Béthune (62 - Fr)
  • 2019/08/30 - Black Bass Festival - Braud-­et-­Saint-­Louis (33 - Fr)
  • 2019/08/31 - Festival Les Mauvaises Graines - Verneuil-sur-Avre (27 - Fr)

Now available: "Chokebore: Days of nothing"

The book written by Thierry Jourdain is available on the independent publisher Camion Blanc's website. You can also order it at your favorite local bookstore. It's the first book ever written on Chokebore & TvB, and it's only in french for the time being.


It ends like crazy: new album out on March 29th 2019

The new album will be released on March 29th, in France for Digipak CD and white vinyl versions, and worldwide for digital.
USA release date info coming soon!

You can already pre-order "It ends like crazy" and listen to the track "Filthy days" from the new album following this link.

Pre-order vinyl or CD: french / english

Pre-order TvB - It ends like crazy


  1. Rain saves lives
  2. Holy something
  3. Impale
  4. Love me don't
  5. Lullaby for psycho
  6. Hell
  7. Big fat tear
  8. I put out
  9. Stoned dancers
  10. Fighter
  11. Invader
  12. Boys
  13. Filthy days

Book about Chokebore

The book "Chokebore: Days of nothing" written by Thierry Jourdain - from Equilibre Fragile - will be published in late February by Camion Blanc editions.

Chokebore : Days of nothing


TvB will tour this spring: more info soon.


Some good news coming in the next days…

Meanwhile, you can listen to this TvB playlist: Spotify / Deezer


New album & tour

TvB is in the process of recording and mixing his next album due in the spring. More to come later.
TvB is also planning a tour for the spring 2019. If you have ideas write him!

Chokebore / TvB tribute cassette

The french DIY magazine & label Equilibre Fragile has released a Chokebore / TvB tribute cassette in June, including covers by bands from the indie underground scene. You can have more details and order it on the label's bandcamp.

Book about Chokebore / TvB

Thierry Jourdain - from Equilibre Fragile - is currently writing a book in french about Chokebore (and TvB) named "Chokebore: Days of nothing" to be published in 2019 by Camion Blanc editions.


You can watch a short documentary shot in London by Strange Distortion.
You can also watch TvB playing "Tropical" for the Jafar Session.


Tour dates

Troy will tour this fall:

  • 2017/09/30 - Hoppy Road (brasserie artisanale) - Maxéville (54 - Fr)
  • 2017/10/11 - Groom Club - Lyon (69 - Fr)
  • 2017/10/12 - Cave des Pas Sages - Avignon (84 - Fr)
  • 2017/10/13 - Rade Side festival - Toulon (83 - Fr)
  • 2017/10/21 - Close West - Nantes (44 - Fr)
  • 2017/10/22 - Rockomotives festival - Vendôme (41 - Fr)
  • 2017/10/23 - Rockomotives festival - Vendôme (41 - Fr)

More info in the shows page.

Live videos

You can watch "Tone clusters" and "Smarter" songs played at Parquet Sonore show in Grenoble on Nov. 16th 2016.

Wonderflu + TvB song

TvB has co-written and sings on "Rob a supermarket" from the french indie band Wonderflu new double LP.


Tsugi recording session

You can watch TvB playing "Manic High" live during the Tsugi recording session.


H-Burns & TvB EP

New H-Burns & TvB EP

New sounds from TvB are coming on a 4 tracks vinyl EP : 1 TvB + 2 TvB & H-Burns + 1 Remix by Les Marquises.
Here is the tracklisting :

  1. She Saws Stars
  2. Boys
  3. Call Up the Captain
  4. Boys (Les Marquises remix)

Release date : 22th April 2017 (Record store day)

More info on Teenage Hate Records website.

Astrid video

You can watch the new crazy video for the song "Astrid" made by Ultrateckel.


New song with Narrow Terrence

TvB recorded Monster with the french band Narrow Terrence : listen to it on Soundcloud.

Manic high video

Discover the new video made by Broken studio for the title "Manic high" from the last album.

Interviews and concert review

You can read a concert review of TvB's show in London opening for the Color Bars Experience on Noctula press. You can also read 2 interviews, one in english on Hearing Aid magazine, the other in french on À Découvrir Absolument webzine.

Happy new year!

TvB wishes you a happy new year with lots of sad songs for everyone.


Tour dates

TvB will tour this fall with a german guitarist/drummer.

Here are the dates:

  • 24/10 • GENÈVE (CH), Kalvingrad
  • 25/10 • LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS (CH), Bikini Test
  • 26/10 • FELLETIN (23 - Fr), House Show
  • 27/10 • BORDEAUX (33 - Fr), Le Rocher de Palmer (+ Elysian Fields)
  • 28/10 • SAINTE-BAZEILLE (47 - Fr), Le 180 (+ Elysian Fields)
  • 29/10 • SAINT-NAZAIRE (44 - Fr), Le VIP (+ Elysian Fields)
  • 16/11 • GRENOBLE (38 - Fr), Parquet Sonore
  • 17/11 • LYON (69 - Fr), Le Sonic
  • 18/11 • LIMOGES (87 - Fr), Le Phare
  • 19/11 • MONTLUÇON (03 - Fr), Le 109
  • 20/11 • FELLETIN (23 - Fr), Petite Maison Rouge
  • 05/12 • LONDRES (UK), Islington Assembly Hall *
  • 06/12 • LONDRES (UK), Lock Tavern
  • 07/12 • DUBLIN (IRE), Vicar Street *

* Opening for "Color Bars Experience Plays Nick Drake"

All the details at the shows page.

Knights of Something reviews, concert reviews and interviews

Big update in the press section: lots of Knights of Something reviews in french, english, german, italian…, 3 new concert reviews and 3 new interviews. Check it out!

New songs & new book

TvB is also currently writing new songs and a new book.


Knights of Something is now available!

You can find it in the (best) record stores in France, Belgium, Austria, UK, Germany, Switzerland.

And also online for France: Buy CD / Blue vinyl - Buy on iTunes France and Germany & Austria: Buy CD / Blue vinyl - Buy on iTunes Germany

Japanese and USA release

Knight of Something will be released in Japan by Donuts Pop on April 13th and in the USA by New High Recordings.


You can read an interview in german and the first 4 reviews of "Knights of Something" on Intro, BenzineMag, Addict Culture & New Noise (image).


Discover the new refreshing video for the title "Lemon seed" filmed in Hawaii by TvB himself!

Tour dates

Check the spring european tour on the tour page. The first show will take place this Saturday in Paris for Sourdoreille 10th anniversary.

Compilation Inrockuptibles

The title "Astrid" from the new album appears on "un printemps 2016" compilation offered with Les Inrockuptibles #1059. Added in the discography.


You can discover the words of "Knights of Something" on the dedicated page.

Équilibre Fragile #3

You can read an interview of TvB about Elliott Smith and The Color Bars Experience project, along with Jason Lytle & Ken Stringfellow's ones and lots of other good stuff in the new issue of the french magazine. You can order it here.

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