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Thursday 20 October 2005


Live radio session

Wednesday, October 26, between 7:30 and 9 PM, Troy Von Balthazar will perform an exclusive live radio session for the "Planet Claire" show on Aligre FM.

Album reviews

Press cuttings from Longueur d'Ondes #32 & Trip Surf.

Monday 10 October 2005


TVB album out now!

Troy Von Balthazar's long awaited debut album was released today on Olympic Disk.

The record got a great review in today's edition of Libération.

International releases

Already available in France, Belgium and Switzerland, Troy Von Balthazar will soon be released in Germany, Spain and Canada.

Troy Von Balthazar on the radio

Today, after the show at the Laiterie in Strasbourg (around 8:30 PM), Troy will be interviewed on Radio En Construction (live stream available on the radio's website).

Saturday 8 October 2005


Great reviews in the French press!

Press cuttings from Guitar Part, Les Inrockuptibles, Magic!, Rolling Stone, Libération & Les Inrockuptibles.

MP3 album preview

The song Took Some $$ is available for download on the audio page.

I Block the Sunlight Out video download

The video for the song I Block the Sunlight Out, directed by Darren Ankenman, is available for download on the video page.

On the radio, tonight

Don't miss the "Alternatives" show, tonight from 11 PM to 1 AM on France Inter!

Wednesday 5 October 2005


Troy Von Balthazar on TV!

Thursday, October 6, 7-8 PM: interview + one or two live songs during the "Avant tout le monde" show on French TNT TV channel Direct 8.

Troy Von Balthazar on the radio! (1)

Saturday, October 8, 11 PM - 1 AM: "Alternatives" show with Laurence Pierre on France Inter.

Troy Von Balthazar on the radio! (2)

Monday, October 10, 3-5:30 PM: live acoustic performance on Radio Campus Paris.

Troy Von Balthazar on the radio! (3)

Monday, October 10, 6:30-7:30 PM: interview + a few songs from the album during the "Musicouleurs" show on Aligre FM.

Reviews, photos, posters

Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed on Autres Directions [French] & Liability [French]: see media page.

Troy Von Balthazar EP reviewed in Télérama [French] & Sefronia [French]: see media page.

Concert reviews on A Découvrir Absolument [French] & Pop News [French]: see media page.

Pictures of the Olympia show by Laurent Hini in the photo section.

2 posters on the photo page.

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