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Saturday 1 October 2011


Chokebore - Falls bestChokebore new EP and fall tour

Chokebore is back with a new EP named Falls Best. They'll also tour this fall in Europe, check all the news on Chokebore official site.

Interviews, reviews, live reviews

Lots of new interviews in french: Bandes sonores, Gonzai, Visual Music.
3 reviews of How to live on nothing: HHV mag (de), W-Fenec (fr) & Goûte mes disques (fr).
Live reviews: Rock it to the moon (fr), Mind riot Music (fr), Take a drag or two (fr).
Check the media page.


Many photos from TvB fall & spring tour: Cave aux poètes - 2010/10/28, Point Ephémère Paris - 2010/11/04, Botanique, Bruxelles, Kmeron - 2011/03/24, La machine Paris, Robert Gil - 2011/04/15, Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseille, Projet BIW - 2011/04/11, Le fil, St Etienne, A taste of Indie - 2011/04/08, La Flaq, Paris, Le Cargo - 2011/04/01.

Acoustic sessions

Several video sessions: Le Cargo - Acoustic session #260, Hartzine - Private Session, La blogothèque - Take away show.

Music score, songs

Besides rehearsing for Chokebore tour, Troy von Balthazar is also currently writing the music score for two films (one French, one German) and recording new songs.

Wednesday 7 July 2010


Single and album release dates

The new single Dots&Hearts is due to august 23th; the album How To Live On Nothing will be released on september 13th (digital version on september 6th) on 3rd side records.

Fall tour

Check the tour dates page for details about the first dates of the TVB fall tour for his new album How To Live On Nothing.

Acoustic session

Watch the TVB SK session for an acoustic version of Wings on Soul Kitchen.

News from Troy

Troy is currently on the road & recording new songs in the south of France with Chokebore.

Press photo

New press photo added: check photo page.

Young TVB fan

A photo added on the site shows a young fan of TVB: will you find it? ;-)

Thursday 11 December 2008


Interview and review

Troy Von Balthazar is reviewed in french on ResMusica. You can also find an interview of Troy on that same ResMusica, in french.

Acoustic session

Troy is playing 3 songs - an old one, a cover, a new one - on a video acoustic session on Dailymotion. Video by Europe and Co.

3 girls Book of the month

You can read the review of the book on Magic #126 (december 2008).
You can now purchase it at Yvon Lambert Gallery's Bookshop / 108 rue Vieille du Temple / 75003 Paris, and still at Sinnbus shop.

Thursday 20 April 2006



The French cable channel Pink TV will air 26 minutes of Troy Von Balthazar's show at the Café de la Danse in Paris, during the show "B-side", at 7:15 PM next Sunday (April 23).


A DVD of Troy's concert at the Point Ephémère, last November in Paris, will be sold exclusively at shows for 12 Euros. Limited edition of 150 (2 different covers, 75 of each), numbered and signed by TVB! 2 songs from this performance are available for download on the video page.

TVB gear

Go to vonbalthazar.com to buy all kinds of TVB stuff: buttons, T-shirts, gloves, wristbands, framed pictures, and of course the album!

VOX radio session

TVB's acoustic session for the Belgian radio VOX can be downloaded at vox.skynetblogs.be.

New Frigo album featuring Troy Von Balthazar

TVB appears on the song Sweetheart on Frigo's new album Funambul, available in France since April 3 (Big Trip / Productions Spéciales). This song is a reinterpretation of Balthazar's I Want You to Want Me, from his 2002 Red Spider EP.

Tuesday 22 November 2005


Oui FM radio session, tonight

Troy Von Balthazar's recording session took place this afternoon, and will be broadcast tonight at 10:30 PM on Oui FM 102.3 (French radio).

Wednesday 16 November 2005


Radio session, next tuesday

Tuesday, November 22, Troy Von Balthazar will play 3 live songs on Oui FM 102.3 (French radio), between 4 and 5 PM.

TVB forum online!

A discussion forum for all things TVB--and the rest--is now online: come join the fun!

Thursday 20 October 2005


Live radio session

Wednesday, October 26, between 7:30 and 9 PM, Troy Von Balthazar will perform an exclusive live radio session for the "Planet Claire" show on Aligre FM.

Album reviews

Press cuttings from Longueur d'Ondes #32 & Trip Surf.