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Wednesday 25 November 2009


TVB on Twitter

You can now follow TVB on Twitter @ twitter.com/vonbalthazar.

last shows in 2009

Shows dates updated for end of 2009. See tour dates page for details.

2 new flyers

2 new flyers added for 2 Berlin shows (past and future) on the photo page. (Thanx to Florent)

Chokebore is back!

They're back in 2010 for some shows. Don't miss them! Check news @ chokebore.net & twitter.com/chokebore.

Thursday 29 October 2009


The TVB LP is out!

The first TVB vinyl release TVB LP is now available for international orders at Silver Rocket Records. See disco page for artwork & tracklisting.

2 more shows in 2009

A show in Berlin, another one in Prague, both in December. See tour dates page for details.

Website design evolution

Before a completely new version next year, the design is slightly evolving.

Wednesday 7 October 2009


French tour

A new french tour in november: see tour dates page for details.

New page: covers

A new page appears on the site: talented people made remixes and covers of TVB songs, you can hear them on the covers page. If you want to be on this page, you can still send your mp3s to [ tvb AT troyvonbalthazar.net ].
note : only mp3 / 192kbps max are allowed.

Reviews, live reviews, interviews

Lots of new (and recently found old) reviews and interviews.
Czech press: an article, an interview & a review of TVB 3EP on Lidovky (Cz).
French press: a review of TVB 3EP + an interview on Popnews (Fr).
Oldies: article and Troy Von Balthazar review on W-Fenec (Fr), interview, Troy Von Balthazar review and Troy Von Balthazar EP review on Mowno (Fr), Troy Von Balthazar review on dMute (Fr), and finally Troy Von Balthazar review, concert review and interview on the Swiss German Bands Magazine (De).

Czech tour flyer

A new flyer for the Czech tour on the photo page.


Some photos of TVB on les nuits botaniques 2009 photoblog.

Sunday 6 September 2009


Chinese Tour postponed

The Chinese tour previously scheduled for august-september 2009 was postponed. Check here for new dates later.

Thursday 9 July 2009


Tour dates

New tour dates in Czech Republic. A tour in China is scheduled for august-september 2009. See tour dates page.

8 songs for chinese girls

Note from Wangba Records : "This album is a special 500 CDs chinese version. A compilation from TVB recordings from 2003 to 2009. '8 songs for chinese girls' is released for TVB's China Tour 2009. Only available for his performances and selected stores in China". No import available. See disco page for artwork & tracklisting.

Flyer and poster

New flyers and posters of TVB 1st album on Sinnbus, TVB + Tocotronic tour and the forthcoming China tour on the photo page.


You can read a short interview of TVB on Popblog (de/en).
You can also listen to an interview on Radio Pluriel (fr/en).

Live photos, reviews and videos

Pictures of the Nouveau Casino show by Alain G. at Soul Kitchen, review and photo/video on Blugture, and an acoustic session "Le choix des armes" on Dominotv.

Sunday 22 March 2009


Tour dates

Troy is back on the road next month for a french tour (and a show in Prague too): see tour dates page for details.

TVB 3 EP CD & Compilations

A new CD including the Sweet Receiver EP, the Red Spider EP, and the Paradise EP will be available at the shows. Troy also appears on 2 compilations: the Surf me up! longbox compilation and the Inrockuptibles' 2nd Trésors cachés compilation.
See disco page for details.

TVB Covers

You recorded a cool cover of a TVB's song and want to share it ? Send it to
[ tvb AT troyvonbalthazar.net ] and a selection will appear on a dedicated page in the coming weeks.
note : only mp3 / 192kbps max are allowed.

Friday 8 August 2008


New tour dates

More shows added for the autumn: see tour dates page for details.

Monday 16 June 2008


New tour dates

Troy will be opening for Berry for her autumn tour and play some other shows at the end of summer : see tour dates page for details.


2 new interviews, one in french on Converse or not Converse, the other one in english and 3D video (!) on Fiese Falle, a german site.

Folk and proud

TVB's song Dogs appears on Folk and proud, a CD compilation released by Naïve, also featuring Devandra Banhart, Andrew Bird, Great Lake Swimmers, Girls in Hawaii, Cocoon, Laura Veirs... See discography.

Song on myspace

You can listen to Catt, a song already appearing on the TVB live in Paris DVD on Troy's myspace page.

Thursday 20 September 2007


New tour dates

Troy will be opening for Tocotronic for their autumn tour : see tour dates page for details.

International releases

Troy Von Balthazar will be available on october 26th in Germany, Austria and Poland released by Sinnbus records.

Tuesday 21 November 2006


One more tour date

The autumn tour will end in Glarus (Switzerland) : see tour dates page.

Son of Magnified video download

The video for the song Son of Magnified, directed by Darren Ankenman, is available for download on the video page. You can also find it in low resolution on Youtube.

Son of Magnified on iTunes

The song Son of Magnified is now available on the french iTunes store.

Interviews & reviews

An interview in Spanish on ABC, in French on Rock in Chair. Troy Von Balthazar album reviewed in French on Millefeuille and Métalorgie.

Live report and photos

A review and pictures of the Massy show on Le Hiboo (French).

Press, live photos & flyer

Three press photos to download added, live pictures of the Dour festival by Maddy Julien, live pictures of the Cabaret Frappé by Dominique Joguin, the flyer of the Spain tour with Tender Forever in the photo section.

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